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    S.D. Public School
    A child is inherently a learner with a natural inclination to explore, discover and share that
    up into a responsible and responsive citizen, indeed a sensitive global citizen, a whole new mindset is vital in imparting learning in school which addresses a child’s...
  • Mission & Vision
    We not only Teach Students, In Fact We Train Students For Future.
    To make our students well-rounded and self-dependent individuals, by inculcating...

From Chairperson Desk

The principal goal of education is to create individuals who are capable of new things - not simply of repetition of what other generations...

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From Manager Desk

Inspiring by the impelling adage, we continue to inculcate an excellent mindset and strong desire to learn as you pass from one phase to another...

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From Principal’s Desk

The paradigms of education are rapidly changing...with the advancement in technology and exposure to varied media. It is an altogether...

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Facilities @ SDPS